Friday, June 24, 2011

Up to day 11 taking the train

Life taking the train is getting pretty routine.  I am taking my car home tonight because I need to haul clothes and food back and forth so I will be ready next week.  I had a great running week, and all the 4 X miles added on via running to and from the train station pads the milage, even though I keep the pace very slow so I'm not a sweaty mess when I get to work. 

I still want a bike and about to break down and buy one, so I can go totally green, but for now the train is a good money saver and a good way to be sure to stay healthy. 

I've been working a lot lately; as we get closer to our two weeks out in the "woods" (we stay the night in barracks rooms, so it is not that big of a deal), at Ft. Custer. 

Not many running events planned for the next few months, so I will be leaning on Hash runs to fill in my need to keep busy, but I will probably work in a few shorter races before I run the North Coast 24 Hour in September and then the Chicago Marathon in October.  After that it will be cold as heck and doubt that I will want to do any running; wonder if I will even hash? 

Battle Assembly weekend, so it will be lots of fun, wish I could follow Western States 100, but after work I'll check it out. 

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