Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free 5K This weekend at new Sole Sports Location - $5 T-Shirt!

I'm always a sucker for a free or cheap race and the only thing going on the cheap is a 5K that is celebrating a new running store in Scottsdale!
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I'm still a little sore from the vasectomy, but I'll go out for some speedwork and to get the $5 Technical T-Shirt! There is also a 5K tomorrow night when I pick up all my stuff for running on the Muscle Milk team at the Mt. Lemmon Marathon. That is three races this year getting sponsored or a HUGE discount! I'll look more into these opportunities when I go to my next duty station.

Hard to believe that just now the final Badwater runners are completing their race.

I ran 7 miles this morning in what was a little over 90 degree heat and it felt so bad. I had to walk a good portion because I could not catch my breath, which is something I never have trouble with. I'll keep this under check, because it is really strange. Maybe the hot and humid weather or the 6 pack of beer late last night? I'll watch my diet more, but so surprised that I had trouble with breathing?

I go see the spine orthopedic on Monday to see what they have to say about my back. Funny how I'm feeling 100% better by the time I finally get an appointment and get scheduled in to see him.

Off to give platelets here in a few minutes.

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