Monday, July 12, 2010

Made it through the procedure! Q&A by Swarup

Well got the vasectomy taken care of  and just laid around the house with ice on my balls the whole weekend.  Today, I got in three miles in my KSO's in 29:50, with little pain in the balls.  I think I'm going to pull through this pretty well, but this weeks running will probably be shot.  Anyway, a small price to pay to make sure we have no more children and so my wife never has to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.  I was thinking about what a statement this is to my marriage, because if anything were to happen, I'm sure I'd want children with a new wife, but I trust my marriage will last forever, otherwise I would not have made such a decision!

Big weekend at Hardrock, and now I'm checking out the results of Badwater; they started this morning.

Read another easy reading fiction book called Q&A by Swarup; here is my review that I posted on Amazon:

Actually just grabbed this book at the library due to its size and attractive cover and did not know anything about the movie, but now that I have read some of the reviews I will have to go out and rent this movie in the near future.

Swarup weaved a funny and heart wrenching story that ended with a wonderful twist beyond the winning of a billion rupes! You will enjoy this quick read and gain some interesting trivia along the way.

In the recent past I have enjoyed some memoirs about people who have struggled in life such as mental problems, or addiction, but this work of fiction was written like a memoir of a poor boy in India. The writing was very convincing and satisfied my vayour instinct.

You will draw a close bond with Ram and be his cheerleader throughout this incredible book!

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