Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 23 Taking the Train and a nice 5K in 18:25

I must admit that this is the second time that I've clocked the post 5K with my Garmin and came up with 3.01 and 3.02 miles each time.  So having said that my 5K times are not as fast as they seem.  I'm still happy with the little pep in my step, especially with such bad ultra results this year, and I have walked away with my third first place in my age group trophy which I donate to the unit.  It makes it look like I'm some kind of great runner even in the dark cloud of my distance races.  What do people really know about my shame at distances above the marathon.  My real focus now is to be able to get to at least 100K at the NorthCoast 24; I've got my doubts with my recent performances. 

I ended up not doing the camping hash because it would have ended up costing over $70 bucks with registration and park fees and all that, so I stayed home and started a new book called "Glass Castle", which I'm really enjoying. 

I also signed up for the English Channel Challenge where I have to swim 21 miles to get a nice T-Shirt.  It cost 10 buck and I spent 1:24:33 today swimming 2 miles; I want to complete this task by the 24th of this month, so that will be a major cross training objective over the next few days. 

I have a 32 mile race on the 20th and a duathlon on the 18th of this month.  The last duathlon I won first place overall and hope to do the same again.  I look forward to rocking it again.  This summer will come to an end fast enough so I have to race as much as I can.  I will hate the winter for sure. 

I haven't gone to a movie in a long time, but last night watched X-Men; it cost $2, so that is good for cheap entertainment.  Tonight I will go see "Bad Teacher". 

Tomorrow right back at Annual Training.  This time Company Level.  We are going to Marsiellese, IL to fire our weapons Monday, then homestation traaining during the week and land navigation on Friday, followed by another weekend of work.  I'll be glad when all this Army stuff is over.  Funny how you see the TPU Soldiers.  Time to put on the rose colored glasses. 

I took the train three out of the five days last week.  I got ripped off once by the conductor, but that only made up for the times that I get a free ride.  I bought a ten ride ticket which even makes it cheaper. 

My wife is home alone with the kids; and I worry a little.  Mom and Dad went to Laos because Dads Mom passed away.  They will not be back until Sep 3rd. 

Big news 31 of our best died in a Chinook crash, possibly by enemy fire.  Also to put fire to the pain, for the first time our Nations credit was nocked down to AA+; we are not the world leaders any longer and I doubt my generation will ever be associated with words like the "Greatest Generation".   I lower my head in shame as we all must admit our addiction to debt.  Now it is time to pay the piper!

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