Monday, August 22, 2011

Finally a race I did NOT DNF//Palos Hills 32.4 Miler - 5:51:50//Day 30 taking the train.

You can see me there in 5th place.  It was a very rainy day and one to really remember!  I made sure to eat plenty during the race, and I think that made a big difference.  I still was reduced to walk run for about the final 10 miles, but at least I kept going.  This race was a 4 lap time 8.1 miles on very easy cinder trails with very little elevation change, so I have no real reason to be so slow, and the rain was actually refreshing and I can't blame it for my speed.  It was shocking to come through the marathon at 4:30; I'd be so embarrassed if that ends up being my time at Chicago.  I used to make fun of four hour marathoners, and now I may be one.  My strategy will be to run with the 3:50 pace crew at Chicago and if I feel good pick it up at about 20.  I feel like endurance at the 20+ mile time frame was not that big of a deal. 

I've still been taking the train, and like that feeling.  Oh the other big thing this weekend was the Air Show at North Beach.  I had a great time and the Thunder Birds put on a great show!! 

Here is a picture of me scared before the start of the race.  I was thinking; will I DNF again? 

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