Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fort 2 Base Race 11.5 Miles 79:50 ave 6:54 per mile // Day 36 taking train

Have been taking the train to work most days and settling in to that being my normal way of life.  I discovered there is a program that will help offset the cost, so that is a plus; I like money. 

Had a very meaningful race that I ran for Team RWB today.  The Fort 2 Base 10 Nautical Mile race 11.5 regular miles in 79:30, which was good for 19th place out of 413 and 8th place in my age group.  I felt pretty good and will feel good to rest the rest of the week before NorthCoast next week. 

I'll post my standings when the results come out.  I felt like about 80th place and if I'm lucky I might have gotten a third in my age group since they pull overall and special category people out of the age groups and since they are 5 year age groups!  I'll keep my fingers crossed; I like hardware (update; wrong way outside of the age group awards; even if I was 40 I wouldn't have placed; probably didn't help to have four beers the night before and stay up reading Michael Savage's Abuse of Power followed by an hour of Lost)! 

They gave out fantistic finisher medals!  I'll snag a picture shortly.

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