Monday, September 19, 2011

NorthCoast 24 Hour in the bag! Ave 20:16 for 71.1 miles

Had a pretty good time out in Cleveland this weekend.  I only bagged 71.1 miles, but pretty happy considering my terrible training this year. 

We had great conditions out there, and it was pretty social.  I had fun talking with Ric Munoz and Nathan while out there.  Also, got to see Connie Gardner almost break the American Record, with her performance of 144 miles!

I was really tired by the half way point and really wanted to pack it in, so I went into my car for some much needed warmth and sleep.  I slept for about 2.5 hours then felt guilty, because at that time I had not even gotten to my real goal of 62 miles.  So by 3:30 am I was back into the game walking slowly.  By 7 am I had my groove and was back to running.  The last hour I felt pretty good and broke through from 65 to 71 miles in the last hour.

The drive there and back was as tough as the race.  I left work at about 5 pm and drove through the night arriving in the bad side of town by 3:00 am and then tried to find a place to sleep in the car without getting killed.  I did end up at the park, which had parking restrictions, but I thought it was worth it.  After the race I was dead tired, but knew I had to get home.  I drove and slept taking almost 11 hours for what could be about a 6 hour trip.  Made it home took some muscle relaxers, vicodine and four beers later I was out cold!!  What an incredible weekend; not my best 24 Hour race, but I'm not ashamed of my performance.  I can say that I didn't quit. 

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