Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book Review - You Better Not Cry by Burroughs

Ran about 8 miles today in 1:19:07 which is very slow, but I'm taking it easy before the marathon this weekend.  I'm going to rest from here until Saturday so I will be ready to go for the Boston Marathon qualifing time of 3:15:00 or less.  There is a trail marathon in Cave Creek the very next day and I just might do it since it is only $10.  I'll see how am feeling. 

What can I say but that I'm really getting to know Augusten now. This was not what I expected. The first half was traditional Burroughs, light and funny, but when I kept reading I started to feel more and more depressed as he revealed much more than even in his book Dry.

Burroughs doesn't let you down and creates very vivid stories that one can remove from your mind. I laughed out loud after reading how he ate the face of a life size Santa (who he confused with Jesus). You could feel how nervous he was waiting for his parents to see what he had done; imagine what was going through this young boys mind (must have been about 8 or 9).

Also, the story about how Augusten wanted a pony for Christmas, but his Dad tried to tell him about how he had a monkey as a child and how mean the monkey was; you have to read it, but I tell you it was very golden!

As the story went on you meet the grown up Burroughs who seems to attact disaster and find a beautiful love story and the display unexpected friendship that will lift your spirits after trudging through a difficult story about George in the chapter called "The Best and Only Everything".

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