Friday, January 29, 2010

Sad Officer Shooting gone political - Ready for Boston Qualifier Tomorrow

Sad story about a traffic stop that went bad last night and ended up with a Gilbert Officer, LT Eric Shuhandler, losing his life.  The incident was bad enough, but to make things worse the local Conservative talk radio station KFYI has turned this issue political.  It is no surprise that they would not wait a second to do so, since today Phoenix is cutting 500 police and firefighter jobs in order to deal with budget constraints.  In the same breath they will not even discuss raising taxes.  What is the matter with them?  They would like to take from the poor, either directly or indirectly by cutting social services, than pay just a penny more on sales taxes (which is regressive for rich people too since they buy less in percentage of their income than poorer people, due to the fact that they can save and poorer people spend most every cent they make).  It shows how most Americans do not want to sacrifice at all.

It seems like the Military is the only one who has been asked to sacrifice through these tough times that were born out of not paying for the huge deficit created by over 8 years of war.  I'm ready to vote with my pocket book and sacrifice, yet I doubt many other Americans are ready to do just that.  Also, it will force more Americans to take a critical look at just what they are getting for their money.  As a career military officer I get A LOT out of war, but not everyone gets to advance their career and enjoy the adventure first hand, so I may not be the best one to be so ready pay a little to keep up the War on Terrorism.  Take a look at some of these selling points for War Bonds and take an introspective look at the humour.  Hey I'm ready to do my part.  Let us hurt a little now and wipe out some of this deficit, locally and nationally! 

I'm excited about the race tomorrow.  I sure hope to hit the Boston Qualifying time of 3:15:00, and will rely on some good weather to do that.   If we have a lot of wind, it will make the second half of the race pretty hard.  I got in 36 miles so far for this week and may run about three easy miles today, then see about running the Cave Creek Marathon on Sunday.  It would be good training for the Old Pueblo 50 miler in March, but I'll just see if I can motivate myself to run two marathons in as many days.  I've never done that, but feel I've got the strength, just have to get my butt out of bed.  Sometimes by not paying a huge fee for a race leaves you with little motivation.  The Cave Creek Marathon is more of a fun run that is thrown together and the organizer only requests a $10 donation, but I didn't send anything forward, so have little that would make me feel guilty if I do not go.

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