Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hotfoot Hamster 12 Hour - 53.4 Miles

Had a great time at the 12 Hour Race yesterday.  No stopping for 12 hours which resulted in 53.4 miles.  It was pretty tough and brought back memories how much pain the longer races are.  No matter how "in shape" you are going over about 8 hours is a real challenge.  I was chasing the 50 mile mark since I spread my goal so widely and that kept me going after 2 am when things got really tough and only about 10 people kept running, while others were sacked out like a battlefield; bodies spread out everywhere.   There should be results with the whole 12 hours of splits posted sometime next week.  It will be fun to see and to post my mile splits, but the average was 13:29 and I was pretty steady throughout the race.  At 6 hours I was at 29 miles, then the last 6 hours I cranked out 24.3.  I hit 50 miles at 11:17:12, which would be a new resident state record if it can be counted; previous record was 11:37:17 by Robert Andrulis.


  1. Congratulations on a great race. We didn't actually meet but I was one of the old tortoises you were passing every few minutes. Hope to get to introduce myself next time! Ned Perry

  2. Thanks Ned; look forward to seeing/talking to you at ATY, or another race soon.