Sunday, May 2, 2010

Whiskey Row Marathon 3:56:23 //Anton Krupicka wins MiWok!!

Nice long day yesterday in Prescott.  I underestimated the difficulty of the Whiskey Row Marathon and only posted a 3:56:20 or average 9:01 pace per mile.  I was happy to negative split the race going out in 2:00:00 and coming back in 1:56:20.  I was 30th place out of 190 finishers or in the top 16% of the race, but that is not saying much for such a small town race.  There was a lot of walking going on, but I'm not complaining because it was incredibly beautiful! 

Here is the link to all my photos, but I saved them and thought I'd post some of the better ones here. 

I made it into the Across the Years Lottery.  I didn't get my first choice of the 48 hour race, but was able to get into the 24 hour race, so I'll have to really run fast to get the 100 mile buckle in under 24 hours! 

As expected Anton (check out his race report) won MiWok!  I'll post some links to the results pages once they are posted.

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