Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Week only 21 Miles//136 Miles for the Month So Far//Gave Power Platelets

Boy had a great vacation with my children and a jaunt out to Oklahoma to visit my extended family with my little boy Leo!  I didn't do much running due to a continued pain in my lower back.  I went to the doctor yesterday and he prescribed me with Prednisone and Robaxin, one is a steriod and one is a muscle relaxer.  He looked at X-rays and said I just have arthritis in my back and he is working with me to set up physical therapy and further pain management as necessary. 

I've been feeling better as the day goes on, but the mornings are really bad and I can barely get my shoes/boots on.  Sure cannot wait for this to get better.  What is up with all these problems this year? 

I'm ready for the 12 Night Run this Friday.  I sure hope to get at least 50 miles, but will also have to listen to my body and make sure I don't do any lasting damage. 

LOST was on last night and the final episode is this Sunday.  I can not wait!  It sure has been a great season. 

Yesterday I went on an adventure giving platelets.  The process took almost two hours and the plasma or whatever was being shot back into my arm was cold and started to hurt after the first hour.  I felt good that I can help more people by sacrificing just a few hours of my life.  I'll do it again someday soon. 

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