Thursday, June 10, 2010

24 Hour Barefoot World Record - 104 miles

Incredible story about the new world record barefoot 24 hour mark of 104 miles by Todd Ragsdale.  Pretty incredible!  I'm into the minimalistic thing, but need an extra $100 to buy the Vibram 5 Fingers.  Ironic I need so much money to run so simply???  I know I can not figure it out, but in reality, I'm having so many issues this year that I'm afraid to try something new. 

Saw a nice picture of Sarah Palin, and even though I'm no fan, she sure looks good in running grear! 

Having a good week of running; at 46 miles with two more training days, one of which will be 50K up in Flagstaff. 

Go Celtics, if they don't win tonight, I think it will be all wrapped up for the Lakers. 

Only a few more days left on my LA Fitness membership.  I'm enjoying swimming; two days this week for 2200 yds and plan on going later today for a short swim. 

Bought my son a larger bike, so he doesn't have to ride a Princess bike any longer.  I heard a kid making fun of Leo, but my son is so young that it didn't register to him what the child was saying.  His new Spiderman bike will arrive sometime next week and he will really enjoy it.  He is moving up from 12' wheels to 16' and now the Princess bike can go to his sister!

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  1. That pic was actually taken for a Runner's World article. I heard Palin was a decent runner, but she did DNF a 5K last turkey day.

    And yes, I'll see Nailin' Palin someday.