Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting to the Point in a Dozen Pairs of Shoes

I wrote a review of a great book I just finished by a great guy Brian Stark, Getting to the Point in a Dozen Pairs of Shoes.  You can find the review here.   I really enjoyed it and will cherish the signed book for years to come. 

I'm still suffering from back problems and will not be able to make it out to meet Lisa as she runs her 50 miles in her 41st state of AZ on her way to 50 miles in 50 states.  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow at 10:30, then physical therapy at 3pm.  I hope this gets better. 

I was able to get 7.2 miles today in 1:10:00; yesterday the same course in 1:08:02.  I'm able to run, but it is slow and a fair amount of pain with each pounding step.  I think I'll be able to do my 50K this weekend, but very slowly.

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