Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flagstaff 50K 6:54:41

Up at 2am, then out the door by 3am to unlock the door at work then on the road to Flagstaff.  I arrived at the race site at about 0630, then on the trail at 0700.  The first about 19 miles were pretty easy and we enjoyed some challenging climbs without killing ourselves.  The altitude really kicked in at about mile 19 where we climbed again to from about 7000 to about 9000 ft in just over three miles.  Needless to say something happened, altitude or just hitting the wall it was all the same.  I walked a painfully slow pace for about an hour and half until we started a slight downhill and I got a second wind.  The overall time for the 31.4 miles was 6:54:41 or an average of 13:11 per mile.  I know that sounds so slow, but with the elevation change/climbing and the altitude that ranged from 7000-9000 I feel pretty good about the race.  The winner finished the course in a quick 4:30, so I really don't have much excuse except that I'm slow and old, but I am happy that it warpped up an 85 mile week for me.  I think I will have some great pictures to post in a few days courtesy of the Coury brothers.

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