Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lost Symbol Review - 84 miles for this week!

Just finished Dan Brown's latest book called the Lost Symbol and wrote this review for Amazon:

Ok, I've read many of the one star reviews to see if I was missing something, but I have to stick with my feelings and give Dan another five stars. Sure this book could have been edited down to about 350 pages and gotten the same point across, but I didn't mind the detail and repetition that he kept in the story.

This look into the architecture and layout of the Nation's Capitol was interesting and gave the reader some interesting trivia during the story.

The number 33 will stick with me and I'll be looking for a few key things the next time I'm in DC.

I loved the end of the story and how Mal'akh was to receive his wisdom. The end of the story kept me on the edge of my seat.

It seems like this story will make a great movie, and may have even been written to insure that reality. The characters were developed with great detail and the images were easy to follow, as was the story.

All in all I have to give it to Dan for his research and ability to weave his stories together. There is a reason he is one of the top authors in American today.

Some things you will enjoy learning about: Magic squares, significant of the number 33 and how it shows up all over DC, true meaning of the word apocalypse, the "Lost Word", tip of the Washington Monument, Laus Deo and much more. All these come together in a way that will give you pause when you think of religion and the true God, or if the only God there is reside within.

Finally, as human understanding races forward it brings to mind Kurzweil's view of the singularity. I feel like we will destroy ourselves before realizing the singularity, or apocalypse as stated in this book, but if we do reach it before killing ourselves over competing resources then we just may find the peace that is alluded to by Dan.

On the running front I've put together an 84 mile week back to back with last week's 85 miles.  I'm putting in extra miles in anticipation for a week long vacation where I will not run at all.  I'm at 196 miles for the month and expect to only add about 20 more miles to that total, so all in all I'm ready for a little rest and don't think it will hurt my conditioning at all. 

No races on the horizon for a while.  I'm planning to try to break the 300 miles barrier for the month of July, something I've never done before and get in at least two runs over 20 miles. 

It is hard to believe that I've got just a couple more weeks here in Phoenix before I move on to a new chapter in my life!

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